The Ninny

I attended a birthday party in a local park once for a 1 year old baby girl named Shelene. The birthday baby's mother had been trying unsuccessfully to get baby Shelene to give up her ninny, (pacifier). 

Then her mother got an idea, an awful idea, a wonderful awful idea.
(Pardon me Dr. Suess)
Shelene's mother told her that Pom Pom should take her ninny away with her back to the circus, and that Shelene would be a "big girl" now that she was one year old. Very hesitantly the baby toddled over and solemnly handed Pom Pom her precious ninny. Then she toddled off to play. Shelene's mother and I exchanged hopeful shrugs and I continued on with the party. 
As I was finishing up with the party, and saying my good-byes and thank yous all around, baby Shelene suddenly remembered her ninny in Pom Pom's pocket. At which point she very vocally let everyone know that she wanted it back! So with another shrug, this one of defeat, I gave the baby back her ninny.
It's been a while since that incident and I saw Shelene recently at a party. I am happy to report that Shelene is now a sweet and lovely 9 year old girl that no longer needs her ninny!