The Magic Wand

At parties I always try and use the birthday child as my helper if they are old enough and if they are willing to be a helper. At Selena's party all was going well, I had the children grouped together on a blanket in front of me and I had called on Selena to be my helper for some "Clown Comedy Magic".
At one point during the performance I have the birthday child do the magic by waving a magic wand. To heighten the anticipation, and add comedy elements to the production I tell the helper to take out their magic wand for the next step. Usually I get a reaction of, 
"But I don't have a magic wand!"
In which case I happily pull out one of my magic wands for the birthday child to use.
Back to Selena's party. I am at the point where I tell the birthday child to get out her magic wand and I am pause for the inevitable,
"but I don't have...,"
When Selena excitedly says, "But my mommy does in her bedroom!"
There is a full 5 second pause and the party ERUPTS in laughter. I am trying not to laugh and I keep shaking my head and trying not to look anybody in the eye but finally I give in and laugh myself. The children are bewildered but are beginning to laugh as well. A good while later the party calms a bit and I stage whisper to Selena, 
"You're not supposed to be funnier than I am!"
Post Script to this story:
I saw Selena and her family at an event recently and I told them that I had written a Chicken Soup for the Clown's Soul story about the party. I gave them the web site address and I received this email,

"Dear Pom Pom,
Thanks so much for making Selena's birthday party a success. To this day she still says that your the best clown ever. Until November we will see you soon..
Sincerely, The Chavez Family Mark, Nadine and Selena"

Oh my goodness
Thank you!! 
Pom Pom