The Long and Winding Weekend!
that leads to your door...
(Beatles reference lol)

Normally I love to do clown gigs but this weekend I had a heck of a weekend in store for me. It started off on a Friday when, after my regular 8 hr job I went to my second job as a water aerobics instructor. After that class I jumped out of the pool and got ready for my 2 hour party that I was due at just as soon as I could get there.
Saturday morning I popped up and got together the supplies needed and got myself dressed and ready for the 1 hour drive to get to the 3 hour gig in another county. 
I did see an incredible sight of 4 leaping deer cross right in front of my vehicle as I was leaving. Good thing I was stopped! 
Then I had another 1 hour drive back home where there was the next 1 hour party as soon as I arrived in town. 
That evening after a tiny break there was another 2 hour party to attend.
Sunday I had 2 more parties at which 2 different children insinuated that I was looking old. 
I thought to myself, if you only knew lol
The day and the weekend was finally coming to an end and at the last party of the third day when the little birthday boy chased after me and asked if he could give me a hug. 
I told him, of course you can!
It was the best most fantastic hug ever!