The Day I Met Red Skelton...(almost)


Every now and then Mr. Clown will get a wild hair and decide that it's time for a trip to Nevada to see if he can break the bank and be the next Mega Million Dollar winner. Ha Ha! (Personally I think we should begin the weekend by picking out a casino and MAILING them a check from home! It would be so much simpler.) 
One weekend we decided to go to Nevada and try our luck. We had gambled in Reno for a few hours and ended up in Sparks Nevada just a few miles from there. We don't normally go to Reno to see celebrity entertainers so we had absolutely no idea who might be performing there on that or any given weekend. But on that day we were at the huge Nugget Casino in Sparks. The place was jam packed with gamblers. People were elbow to elbow. It was difficult to get a machine much less machines that were close by each other to be able to see how the other was doing. Finally we found machines near each other and both Mr. Clown and I were busy plugging our quarters into the machines. Soon however one of us had run short of quarters and that made it necessary to get change from one of the roving change people the casino so thoughtfully provides.
This was before the luxury machines of today where you can stand in front of them for hours putting your 5's 10's, and even 100's through them without ever having to stop!
So I decide that I have been patient long enough waiting for a change person to come to my rescue with rolls of quarters, it is time to take action.
A nice little old lady to my right will "hold" my machine for me as I go in search of a change person. The casino is still packed to overflowing, there must be a convention or some other function going on, and I squeeze my way past the multitudes, being bumped and jostled back and forth as I make my way around the floor. I spot a change person and my sole focus becomes to get to that person and get my quarters. Quickly I jockey into position in the center of the midway aisle. A commotion from behind me does nothing to disrupt my resolve. I am determined to get quarters. At last I reach the change person and the transaction is quickly taken care of. Quarters in hand, I step back a few paces from the change lady and attempt to locate the direction I must go to return to my machine. At that point I step very clumsily on top of another's feet, brushing them with my fanny at the same time, (I know don't ask me how). I mumble a quick "excuse me", as someone's gentle hands guide me to an opening in the crowd, where I am able to slide gracefully through the throngs and back to my machine. My hubby is nearby and I stretch a handful of quarters towards him.
He seems excited about something and asks me, "Do you know who that was?"
"Who?" I ask.
"That guy you just ran into on the midway," he says.
"Nope, I tell him, who was it?" 
"It was Red Skelton," my hubby informs me, still staring at the spot where we collided.
My mouth drops. I am such a dummy. If I hadn't been so concerned about the quarters I might have just met my idol, Mr. Red Skelton! We could have talked about our clown personalities! I could have given Red some cute bits to use for Freddy the Freeloader! Who knows?
Well, that's the way the quarter tumbles.
"Good night and god bless"