Friday, May 13 1994 was a very unlucky day for my husband. On that Friday the 13th he nearly died in a rollover accident. He was airlifted to the hospital and the long recovery began.
Most of my clowning business is weekend birthday parties and I had a bunch of them booked the next day and the weekends to follow. My clients were more than understanding about my need to be with my husband in this time of crisis. I decided I would do my best to make it up to the families and children that were disappointed Pom Pom couldn't make it to their special event. I decided to offer a free belated balloon bouquet delivery at any time in the future. 
About a month after my husband's accident he had to return to the hospital to have a procedure done to remove fluid from the brain. This meant more cancellations and disappointing even more little ones on their special day. But it simply could not be helped and once again the families were very understanding and offered best wishes to our family. But I wondered if the kids really understood.
My husband was released to recover at home. Life went somewhat back to normal and I began making my belated birthday deliveries to the kids.
Natalie is a sweet little girl whose birthday falls close to my own daughters birth date. I telephoned her mother and arranged to make a belated surprise delivery to Natalie later that day. I arrived and Natalie opened the door and greeted me with a great big hug. I gave her the balloon bouquet and told her I was very sorry I had to miss her birthday. I explained that Mr. Clown was feeling much better after his operation. Natalie hugged me tight and said,
"I prayed for your husband to get better Pom Pom".
For once I had no quick comeback and no cute remarks to make. Natalie's thoughtfulness had left me speechless. I had to collect myself both figuratively and literally. I thanked Natalie and her mother and we said our goodbyes. Quickly I got into my car, I had to I had something in my eye.

Natalie & Pom Pom 24 years later!!