Pom Pom Gets Banned!

A few months back I joined an online clown forum in the hopes of putting the word out about my book. Well, right off the bat I got off to a bad start with this online group because I listed “threads” promoting my book and offering my book for sale before integrating myself in the group with non-book sale posts first. So, after being chastised for that, I stopped posting threads on the subject of my book and began visiting the other clown posts and giving feedback and helpful (I hope) advice to others. Then I decided I would visit the individual clowns that listed a website on the forum and send information about my book through their emails. All was fine I was receiving inquiries and making book sales to clowns and entertainers from my emails. Then I emailed a very cranky clown in another state (thank goodness) who shall remain nameless. This person/clown decided to “answer” my email with a tirade on what an evil person I was for sending “SPAM.” His email went on and on “How dare I assume he needed a book on how to be a successful entertainer, and did I believe I am the only clown/entertainer that anyone wants to hire?” Etc, etc. It was a long diatribe.
Being the helpful individual I am, I responded to his tirade by suggesting he seek a little button on his email program marked “delete” to send any unwanted emails away forever. I signed it, "your welcome" but I mistakenly used incorrect syntax of the word “your” rather than “you’re” which is the correct syntax. Again this clown/person replied correcting my mistake and further berating me that he was sure anything I would write had to be trash because if I didn’t even know the correct word to use my book had to be crap.
With correct syntax I replied, “You’re a jerk.” The harassment really stepped up at this point and the person/clown berated me again for SPAMMING and let me know he intended to “turn me in” for it. There were more emails after that but I deleted these and blocked his email address so that his emails would no longer reach my box. Sure enough the next time I try to go to the clown forum it states I am banned. 
I just wonder why people feel they have to do things like this. Is he jealous? Does he have no life? Or is he just psychotic? 
In any case I am grateful he is not close. And to the clown forum, unfortunately you listened to a tattletale only telling part of the story and most likely omitting his harassment altogether I am sure.

Smiles, Pom Pom