My Wedding Day

After a year of planning, my May 12, 2001 "Wedding Day" had arrived at last. The hour of 6:30 p.m. would arrive soon enough, I decided I would take it easy until then. I did not schedule myself for any birthday parties on "My Wedding Day" feeling that this day was special and deserved a perky delivery on my part.
I did begin getting ready early though to give myself extra time to look really good. As girls do, I put extra care into applying my make-up and checking to make sure my "Look" was just right. I had a special set of clothing that I was planning on wearing as part of "My Wedding Day" ensemble. 
On the drive from my home, to Sacramento where, "My Wedding" would take place, I envisioned the lovely time everyone would soon be having and smiled at the thought. I arrived a little too early because I was not expected until precisely 6:30. As I waited in my car for the time to make my appearance, I was all alone in the twilight of the day. I'm not sure what made me look up at the moment I did and if I hadn't looked up at exactly that moment I would have missed them, that's how close they were. Two ducks, a drake and a hen, gliding side by side and honking madly, flew past my window and out of sight. 
It took me a moment or two to realize what I had seen. I live in an extremly rural area north of Sacramento. I am surrounded by rice fields, and where there are rice fields there are ducks. But in over 20 years of living where I do, I have NEVER seen a pair of ducks flying so up close as I did on "My Wedding Day".
I don't usually think in terms of happenings and events as being, "A Sign" of anything. But the sight of those two birds, (ducks mate for life), flying past me just as I was about to go to "My Wedding Day" was a wonderful feeling.
Finally it was time for my grand entrance. I took a deep breath and headed to the door. As I waited in the foyer for my introduction, a very intoxicated guest had a tug at my wig checking to see if it was securly fastened I suppose. 
It was.
It's funny but in over 13 years of clowning,I have never had a child pull at my wig like that. After that though, I kept my back to the wall and my eye on thatfella. At last I was introduced and I glided into "My Wedding Day" on my little scooter. The DJ was playing a cute Three Stooges ditty that even had the Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk's in the lyrics. I made a mental note to find out about it. The DJ announced to the junior guests that Pom Pom was there to entertain them and to meet in the other room for some good clown fun.
The children followed me into the other room where I introduced myself and started them out with a Hula Hoop contest. 15 children were busy spinning hoops in various areas of the building until sure enough, here came the adults to join in on the fun. 
Believe me I am not complaining. I think it's great when the adults have just as much fun as the kids do.
Soon the bride came to me and gave me a breathless hug. She had been dancing her feet off and was hurrying to have more pictures taken. I even managed to snap a few pictures for myself.