More Sissy and Spike

Often I am asked back for repeat performances through the years of a child's birthday parties. Usually I will try and vary the things that I do at parties so I'm not presenting the same show again and again. All the presentations I do are laugh getters but invariably when I do try and vary the show the kids will holler for the same routine as last year anyway. But in any case I tried.
With Sissy and Spike there were 2 visits each year. I was running out of ideas for new fun and funny performances! 
The next time Sissy and Spike's Grandma Gloria called I decided something different would be to have a hula hoop contest. Gloria is a very devoted grandma and her husband is a great big biker type dude. On party days there were always many Harleys and Hogs parked around the front and back of their place.
That day I arrived with 15 hula hoops, music and ribbons for the winners. I explained how the contest would work. (I don't tell the kids but in my games everyone wins a prize.) During the hula hoop contest the kids all had fun trying to spin the hoops on their various body parts. A few even got the hang of twirling the hoop around their tummy's. I awarded all the kids with ribbons. 
Then I decided to get the adults into the act. I got on the microphone and announced that it was time for the big people to show their stuff. It took some convincing but reluctantly and with great trepidation the bikers finally assembled and stood ready with their colorful hula hoops poised. The music started and all at once there were 15 burly bikers in black leather swinging their hips in time with Chubby Checker's "The Twist." Each fella was trying his best to outdo the others. It was the most amazing sight I've ever seen. It was the funniest sight I've ever seen.
That day I gave out ALL my first place ribbons!