More Characters!

Easter Bunny!

Not everybody loves a clown...(thanks horror movies!)

But Pom Pom the Clown's "Friends" are just as fun as she is!

Invite a

Stormtrooper to the party and "The force will be strong with this one!"

Easter Bunny will be at your party, picnic or parade for hoppin' good fun!


Ghostbuster Girl is "who you gonna call" for balloon twisting fun and Ghostbusting magic!

Polka Dot Mouse will paint faces and twist balloons for a squeak of a good time!

Fairy Godmother grants all the best wishes for your Birthday Party or other special event!

Dancing Gorilla! & More!

Storm Trooper!

Polkadot Mouse!

Ghostbuster Girl!

Fairy Godmother!


Barnacle Betty

the Pirate!



Dancing Girl or Dancing Boy Gorilla!