I Got You

I was once hired by a fellow who SAID he wanted me to deliver a present to his girlfriend for her 40th birthday and to make it really loud and really embarrassing.
Well naive clown that I am, I go to the mall, with this guy's present in hand, and proceed to the kiosk where the girlfriend works. I very LOUDLY proclaim that it's (the girlfriends) 40th birthday!
I'm honking my horn like crazy and really hamming it up as I hand over the balloons and present. But then the girlfriend says, "Are you sure you have the right person? It's not my birthday."
Surprised and a little worried, a million things quickly flow through my mind but first and foremost is that there is only one mall in this town and only one sunglasses kiosk in this mall. And she is the tall blond I have been told to look for in the sunglass kiosk in the mall. So she MUST be the right person.
Then she asks me who has hired me. Well the fellow said he wanted to remain anonymous so I tell her what he looked like and she says, "That's my EX boyfriend. He is just trying to humiliate me. We just recently broke up. Well, she says, you tell him that I LOVED it. You tell that man there were ALL KINDS of clowns here and I had a great time". 
Then she holds up her hand displaying a large diamond ring and adds, "And, I'm keeping the ring".
So I guess SHE got the last laugh first!