I Get Letters!

I thought this letter was especially sweet. You, as an entertainer, do not fully realize how much you do mean to children and their families. I have been so fortunate to be able to clown in this area. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to entertain kids and families and will always strive to do my best at it.

"Dear Pom Pom,
It's taken almost a year to finally
send this picture to you. You entertained at
Kathleen's 5th birthday party in the park by the supermarket.
Kathleen enjoyed you so much! 
She received a Lite-Brite as a gift
and had to make a clown that looked like Pom Pom.
Thank you,
Terri L."

I do hundreds of parties through the year so sometimes it is difficult to remember each child from each event. But when I shake the cobwebs off my brain sometimes I can. It just so happens that I did remember Kathleen's party as I had taken my little dog Freckles with me. Usually when I do that the comments I hear are, "We like you Pom Pom and we LOVE Freckles!" 
So it was especially nice to get a sweet letter from Kathleen's mom. 
I waved it in front of Freckles and said, "ha ha ha ha ha HA! I got a letter and you didn't!" (Just kidding).