Guess Who is Coming To Dinner?

I have visited Sheyanne for her birthday every year since she was a baby. Her parents try to vary her birthday celebrations by offering Sheyanne a number of alternatives such as skating or bowling, but Sheyanne only wants Pom Pom at her parties. I kid her parents telling them I will be at her wedding too! 
Last year Sheyanne surprised everyone when she asked that Pom Pom be included out to dinner with the family. This is another custom in the family, the birthday child is treated to dinner out with the family and may invite a friend to go along. Well Sheyanne invited her friend Pom Pom along to Red Robin restaurant for a birthday meal. I was a little apprehensive at first. Children are used to seeing Pom Pom "perform". What would Sheyanne think to see Pom Pom eat just like everyone else!
In advance I prepared some bibs for everyone to wear. Of course Sheyanne's sweet family went along with the gag and wore the bibs. Mine said, "Bring on the meatballs!" Sheyanne's older sister who plays basketball for her school said, "#1 Dribbler". I brought coloring books and crayons and helped Cheyanne color a page in her book while we waited. I asked the waitress for peanut butter jellyfish sandwich and settled for clam chowder with a smile. I wasn't too wacky, just wacky enough. There we were a party of 5 including an "adopted" clown eating and having a special "family" birthday celebration. I'd say we all had a grand time. I love the thought that this precious child thinks so much of Pom Pom to include her in a family event. I love you Sheyanne! 
Happy Birthday!
January 11, 2001
Love, Pom Pom