Freckles Best Trick

I once lived in the same house for 20 years. But for 18 of those years I had hardly met, much less spoke with any of my neighbors.
 Freckles the rescue puppy was 10 pounds of all ears and legs when we first got her. I'm a little old for the, "She followed me home can I keep her routine". But at 40 years of age perhaps I felt that maybe I could be responsible enough to care for her.
I hoped to incorporate Freckles into my clowning but I was not set on it. I just wanted her in my life even if I was not able to teach her to perform. I adopted Freckles from the local dog rescue group, Pet Lifeline. 
We began training the day she arrived by taking a nice stroll around the neighborhood.
After about a month or so of walks around our block I noticed a curious thing, my neighbors would appear from their homes and yards all along our route to chat with me about Freckles. Through our daily walks Freckles and I have met with nearly all of our neighbors. There are the Schultz's who have 3 strapping dogs of their own. Mrs. Harris who always makes sure Freckles has a treat. The Atkins family and their 4 boys who are always willing to indulge Freckles in her favorite pastime, chasing rocks. The Duncan's, a nice elderly couple, are always interested in seeing Freckles latest trick. Freckles has learned to stop and go on the command of red light, green light. She has learned to jump through a hula hoop, dance, play pat-a-cake, reach for the sky and then fall down dead when shot, shoot a basketball through a hoop, give 5, plant a kiss. Freckles best trick by far though has been her ability to bring distant neighbors closer to form a true neighborhood.