For Mom

In this business of clowning I have had the great fortune to meet many different families. Very often I will return year after year to entertain 1 child or many children in the family again and again. I love what I do, each day brings new challenges to be creative and new and exciting events. I would not trade any of my experiences for anything.
This week I had the pleasure of meeting Valerie and her two brothers.
The three of them, (and when I say the three of them I mean Valerie told the boys what the plan was and they went right along with it), wanted to do something unique for their mother's special day. Their mother collects clowns and the plan was to be made up as clowns and have their portrait done as a surprise for their her. I thought it was a charming idea and was excited to offer my services as a "make-up consultant." 
The day arrived and I met Valerie at her house. I assembled my supplies while she tried on the shirt and wig I had brought. Dennis arrived straight from work and consented to put on the satin pin-striped jacket I had brought, then seated himself for his makeover. I marvled as to what a good sport he was to go through with his sister's plan. He was very quiet throughout the make-up process and even after did not have too much comment on his face or attire. Her other brother arrived just as I was finishing Dennis and after donning the shirt and bowtie I had brought for him he took his brother's place in the chair to be made-up next. 
Now I must say making up little children's faces is quite different from rough stubbly men's faces. I kept thinking.."I don't even know these men and I am touching their faces!"
It was a little odd.. for me anyway.
As soon as brother #2 sat down and I realized he had a mustache I thought, "uh oh.." I studied him for a moment or two and watched him smile a great smile that rounded his cheeks out perfectly. So I decided to overlook the mustache entirely and concentrate on his cheeks and lower lip for color. I had forgotten to bring noses so I had to paint one on him and I had a half mask with a nose attached for Dennis and they both looked great!
Next it was Valerie's turn. The mastermind of this little scheme. Valerie had on the cute red wig I had brought. She has big beautiful eyes and a great complexion so I played up both by giving her eyes a bit of white and then some daisey flowers on her cheeks with tiny hearts at each side of her mouth and on the tip of her nose. She also seemed pleased with her look.
The four of us went to the studio where there was a bit of a wait as the photographer was working alone and was a bit over-extended in her duties. The surrounding patrons seemed not to notice that there were three fully made-up clowns in their midst. It was business as usual in this busy store. Finally the three of them were photographed for their Mom's surprise portrait. It was funny watching the photographer try and get these three to smile let alone laugh. 
The whole experience made me think about the gift of giving. These three adults, wanting only to please their mother with a special gift, chose not the latest electronic gadget, bouquet of flowers or gift certificate. Taking time out of their busy work schedules, these three got together to give a gift from their hea