Easter bunny 911


This year I was asked to perform as the Easter bunny at one of the fire stations in Sacramento. The firemen were gracious and allowed me to change from my street clothes into the bunny costume in one of their private accommodations as everyone else was outdoors enjoying the picnic.

 All went well getting into bunny costume until I realize that I didn't have a rubber band for my long hair. I would need that otherwise blonde hair would poke out from underneath the bunny head. So in a panic I'm rushing through the empty fire station looking all over countertops for a stray rubber band.

There were none to be found. While holding the bunny costume head in my hand, somebody comes around the corner, in a panic I tell this person, "tell the firemen I need help!"

This person shoots out of the fire station quickly. I am watching to make sure no children are going to pass by a window and catch the bunny without a head when 5 firemen storm into the station, concern on all their faces!

Uh... I need a rubber band I tell them frantically.

Five firemen begin simultaneously pulling open drawers and cupboards searching for rubber bands. Soon one, then another rubber band are located and offered to me. I quickly grab them both and double wrap my hair back into a ponytail, pull on the bunny head and nod, I am ready.

It wasn't until the next day replaying the scene to some friends that I realized the humor...in the situation? The firemen, ever prepared for crisis and emergencies, were told someone needed help in the station. I hope they were relieved it was only for a rubber band!