After a late birthday party one evening I returned to my car to find my window had been shattered. Sadly I surmised a wayward bb had found it's way to my window. It was a little spooky standing alone on a dark country road so I drove home to show Mr. Clown the damage. He was not going to chalk up the incident to bad luck and over my protests called the cops. I did not think the sheriff's dept could do much about a shot out window.
Deputy Donna Meyers and her partner arrived shortly. I am a fairly good size female at 5 ft 11 inches. But Deputy Meyers has me beat by about a foot in height and 100 lbs in weight.
I'm not sure which of us was more curious of the other. I thought it was amazing the way her head grazed the ceiling in my kitchen and how I had to tilt my head back to look her in the eye. Deputy Meyers is a no nonsense cop whose serious demeanor radiates letting those in her presence know she means business.
Still I think she must have been a bit distracted taking a report from a tall yellow haired clown in short pants and suspenders. I hope I made her smile just a little bit.