Well, it finally happened Pom Pom the Clown was threatened with arrest. The school had a "no clown policy" that apparently neither the parents or the teacher were aware of. The principal however was determined that the clown would not be entering the school. I had already unloaded all my supplies when the principal let me know that I would not be allowed in. I said I would wait outside until the parents let me know what they wanted me to do.

The principal returned a few minutes later to tell me if I didn't leave the police would be called!

I reloaded my supplies into my car and re-parked my car as far away as possible to await the parents instruction, Finally there was a consession. I could go to the classroom if I removed the makeup and wig. Done.

But when I entered the office I still looked "clowney". Wow they sure know how to cut a sister low.

Luckily I had on capris and a tank top underneath the clown costume. I did a quick strip show in the middle of the office and was begrudgingly approved.

So thanks creepy clown pranksters and Steven king for putting the art of clowning into the toilet again.

Hopefully we can rebound from this as we have over and over again.

And seriously, there is No need to call the police on a pretty yellow haired grandma clown! 🙄

Call the Police!