Baby Angel

When I hold this little angel who's name is Aden, he snuggles his head onto my shoulder and cradles his little hand along side my neck. At age 1 Aden has been through more than most people go through in a lifetime, myself included. Baby Aden has had surgeries to correct problems with his skull formation and these surgeries have led to an infection that caused even more problems for the tiny little guy. 

Since I started this business, I have always maintained that clowning is my calling. It is the most perfect thing that I do. I'm not bragging just stating a fact. Every time I perform and the children are laughing and the adults are laughing and shaking their heads I realize that I was born to clown. When I was younger I wrangled my little brothers to put on performances of fairy tales in our backyard and then had our parents all out to watch the "show". I was in my glory at those times. 
On Aden's first birthday there were a number of family members and guests on hand to wish baby Aden and his parents well. I began my usual routine of clowning but I sat down on the floor to begin with because some of the children appeared a bit timid. Quietly Aden's mom placed Aden on my lap so he could follow the action from a close spot. For the next 1/2 hour Aden rested in the crook of my leg watching and reaching for items as they came into his range. Occasionally he would look up at my wild yellow hair and smile a tiny baby smile. Mostly he was content just to lay there on my folded up legs. 
When it was time to get up Aden was still happy and his mother marveled at his cooperation for so long in my lap. 

I left that day feeling an even more special bond with baby Aden, and more secure in my hope that I was indeed bringing happiness to people and baby angels where ever I might go. I hope the families that I perform for realize that they give me so much more than $$$ when I am invited to perform at their child's party. When I am asked to a family celebration it is an honor and a privilege to be included. And I am grateful for the opportunity. 
Pom Pom the Clown