"30 + years ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . sorry . . . I spaced out there for a second. LOL 

 I love kids! 
I wanted to do something with kids, and for kids to entertain and bring them joy and lasting memories. 

Look for Pom Pom at children’s birthday parties, company events, fairs, festivals, promotions, parades anywhere there are people and parties!"

Love, Pom Pom the Clown

Meet my friends

Pirate Girl-You'll shiver your timbers alright when Barnacle Betty the Pirate Girl comes to town! Barnacle Betty will do face painting and balloons at your party or other special event.

Silly Fairy-She's a mix of clown and fairy! BooBoo Bubblehead will float into your party and entertain with bubbles, balloons and face painting!

Polka Dot Mousie-Mousie will keep you squeaking with joy with balloons and face painting!

Ghostbuster Girl-Silly Ghostbusting magic, balloons and face painting in the theme of Ghostbusters!

Easter Bunny-Big Bunny hopping by your party or special event with a basket of goodies and coloring pages. Fun for photos too!

Storm Trooper-From a galaxy far far away comes Stormtrooper to make Star Wars theme balloons and photos. May the force be with you!

Dancing Gorilla-Silly gorilla dances into your party with a balloon bouquet, music and moves! Surprise ending...good for "adults"!