A Date?

Early in my clown career I found myself booked at a number of grand openings and special events. At one of these occasions I was approached by a young fellow wanting a balloon for his younger brother. The same fellow returned again and again asking for balloons for his little brothers. Thinking perhaps this boy was pulling my leg I kidded him telling him he had to show me a little brother first. The next thing I knew he returned with his five little brothers and a question from his father who was somewhere nearby.
""My dad wants to know if you want to go out sometime?""
I had been out of circulation for quite some time by then and wasn't exactly sure what the boy meant by go out. Go out where? Out the door? Then, looking at the 6 boys that surrounded me it dawned on me. I guess these boys father did not mind it when a woman wore lots of make-up and dressed in loud colors. And he must have felt pretty confident in my ability to keep his boys entertained.